What are preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been treated with a special preservation technique to retain their natural appearance, shape and texture, without wilting. Preserved flowers require minimal maintenance and can last up to several years, depending on the conditions in which they are kept.

Are preserved flowers real flowers?

Yes, they are 100% real flowers imported from Ecuador and Japan.

Are preserved flower pollen-free?

Preserved flowers have no pollens due to its preservation process, making it perfectly safe for pets and people who suffer from pollen-allergies.

What are the differences between fresh flowers and preserved flowers?

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers do not require any water or maintenance. They are able to last up to a few years and more eco-friendly, makes it the perfect decoration and gift!

What can I do when some of my preserved flowers become semi-transparent?

Your preserved flowers may appear semi-transparent when the humidity is too high. Avoid touching the flowers and place your arrangement near a dehumidifier or some silica gel moisture absorbers.

Are the preserved flowers scented?

Preserved flowers are not scented after the dehydration process, but we spray naturally-scented fragrance on them to keep them scented for a short period of time.

Can I spray home fragrances on my preserved flower?

You may spray your favourite home fragrance from a distance of 15-30cm, let it absorb and carry the scent. We do not recommend doing this too often as humidity affects its longevity.

What can I do so my preserved flowers last longer?

Keep the arrangement dry and away from direct sunlight, occasionally dust them lightly with a brush.


Our preserved flowers typically last over a year with minimum maintenance, here's how you can properly care for your floral arrangement so it can bloom as long as possible: