Frequently Asked Questions


What are eternal roses?

Our eternal roses are real roses, all hand-picked with care. The roses are first dehydrated and treated with organic solvent preservatives to ensure longevity and to preserve its texture and freshness. Then, the roses are dyed into different colors, from the common red color to rainbow or metallic. These eternal roses are no different from real roses, except they last much longer and do not need much maintenance. Our eternal roses come in a luxurious keepsake box to keep it neat and glamorous.


Where are your roses from?

All of our roses are from Ecuador, renowned for its exquisite quality of flowers. Depending on the seasons, we hand-picked only the best roses to deliver.


What are the perks of eternal roses/ preserved roses compared to fresh roses or dried flowers?

Eternal/ preserved roses last a much longer time compared to fresh roses, it also preserves almost everything that fresh roses possess, after all preserved roses are real living roses. Without the need for maintenance, it allows the possibility of using it as a piece of your home decoration which makes our roses the ideal gifts to promote sustainability. There are also no pollens present on the eternal/ preserved roses which makes our arrangements allergy-free.


How long will my roses last?

Our eternal roses last 1-3 years with proper care.


How do I care for my eternal roses?

Unlike normal roses, you do not need much maintenance for eternal roses. Simply keep your roses away from water or direct sunlight. You can learn more about how to care for your eternal roses.


Can I take the roses out of the box?

No, all of our eternal roses are sealed into the box in order to maintain their longevity. As eternal roses are extremely delicate and fragile, leaving them inside the box avoids any kind of damages. The roses are meant to stay in the box for its beautiful arrangement and health.


Why does some of the petals look semi-transparent?

This does not usually occur but will happen when the environment is too humid (when the humidity is above 75%). Try placing some desiccant on top of the roses or using a dehumidifier, the petals will look beautiful as it should be again. 


Why does the color of my roses fade?

As all of the colors of eternal roses are dyed, it is possible to experience color fade when it is placed near the sunlight. Over time, the color of the roses will slowly fade to a lighter color.


What are the options for domestic delivery?

For domestic delivery, you may schedule the delivery date for hand-delivery for our larger arrangements. Same-day delivery and rush delivery are also available for selected arrangements at a rush charge. For more information in domestic delivery, please view our shipping policy


Where do you ship?

We are pleased to announce that all of our arrangements are now available for International Shipping, except for the bundles which are exclusively available in Hong Kong. Shipping rates for different countries will be available at check-out. 


For more shipping information, please view our shipping policy.


Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns. Orders cannot be canceled either, but amendments with your orders are allowed within 24 hours of placing an order.

If you have any comments or questions with your order, please contact us at support@lefleuristeofficial.com, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.